Kanon-Momente, TP (Sax,Fag,Vl,Va,Vc,Kb)

cover of printed copy
composer:Rudi Spring
opus:op. 66
composed in:1997
instrumentation:altsax(Es) fag vl va vc kb
order number:ISMN M-50098-154-1
full title:Kanon-Momente
(In memoriam G. B.) for alto sax, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass
content:Nr. 1: Entrée
Nr. 2: Zeichengrund G. B.
Nr. 3: Antiphon
Nr. 4: Humoresque mélancolique
Nr. 5: Arabesque romantique
Nr. 6: Lamento
 Nr 2: Vl, Va, Vc, Kb; Nr. 3: Sax, Fag; Nr. 4: Vc, Fag, Kb; Nr. 5: Sax, Vl, Va.
The movements have different instrumentations
belonging part(s):149-7 (mat. for hire)
see also:Kanon-Momente, TP (Klar,Fag,Vl,Va,Vc,Kb)
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